So Happy to be Parents of Adult Children

I was talking with my 30 year old son this morning to make arrangements to take my granddaughter back home today.  She was with us for almost a week while her mother was away at her Air Force Reserve training.  As we talked, for about 20 minutes, it dawned on me how much of my voice and his father’s voice was coming out of my son’s mouth.  Awww!! Finally!! After 30 years, the payoff is seen!  Actually, for the last few years I’ve been noticing bits and pieces of our voices in both of my sons.  Now that they are both husbands, fathers and bread winners, they are finally mature.  I always claimed that it takes about 30 years for males to mature.  Proven right again!  HA HA!

My son was telling me this morning about the stresses of work – he’s an Air Force Recruiter -, the problems with older teens and young adults these days, about wanting to save more money, how thankful he is for some second chances he’s had in his life, how people should be more appreciative of a helping hand, and about the things he wants for his own 3 children in life!  I just listened with a smile on my face, with an occasional, “I know, you’re right, I understand”.

Isn’t this what we want as a parent?  Because let’s face it – being a GOOD parent is a lot of hard work and can go very unappreciated for many years.  So why do we all want to be parents?  This is why.  To have the opportunity to raise, teach, coach, and love awesome human beings.  To see them develop from adorable babies, to adoring and fun young adolescents, through the years of terrible teens and “I’ll do it my way” 20’s, to finally becoming the adults you had envisioned them to be when they were born!

As parents, we still worry about them and want everything to always go easy and perfect for them, which it won’t.  We will always have the urge to help.  Now we can sit back as parents of grown adults and be proud of our children and  the job we did.  It brings joy to our hearts to watch them raise their own children using the same voice and actions that they so hated many times, years ago,  coming from us.  I am so happy that now they are not only my wonderful children, they are my friends!

I also want to say Happy Birthday to my own mother today!  She is 73.  I know she’ll read this and understand exactly what I’m saying.  She’s been there!  I love you, Mom!  I am me and my sons are who they are because of you!

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