Take the Happiness Journey!

happiness journey book Our mental health and our happiness is an important part of our holistic health, and deserves more of our time and attention.

Are you a person that  sees the glass as half empty or half full?  Either way, have you ever wondered why this is so?

Do you suffer from Empty Nest Syndrome? Are you depressed?  Are you stressed or angry?  No one wants to feel these negative emotions, but sometimes you’re just not sure how to turn it around.  Or maybe you just want to be able to teach others the secrets to having more happiness in their life.

Whether this is describing you, or someone you know, learn how to make a positive change, live your life happy and learn how to help others do the same.

The time has come to change our approach to mental health and happiness.  Too many statistics reflect a society in a state of mental decline.

  • Since 1988, the use of antidepressants has gone up nearly 400%
  • Depression is predicted to be the second leading illness throughout the world by 2020

A new field of science is emerging built around making you. happier.Hap_Tagline_Horizontal-with-you.happier-400


Hapacus has worked closely with scientists on the forefront of happiness research to create a course that presents the findings pouring out of this new field in a way that is interesting and relevant.   Psychologists, neuroscientists, economists, and biologists have discovered key concepts that help us improve our happiness

Classes in the science of happiness are now available.  Ground-breaking concepts are taught in a four-week Hapacus course and include the following:

  • Our brains are not built to make us happy, they are built to help us survive.
  • Survival instincts often derail our efforts to be happy.
  • Forgiveness decreases negative emotions while gratitude increases positive emotions.
  • Overthinking (rumination) can trap us in downward spirals.
  • Monitoring our Positivity Ratio can help us manage difficult times.

The Hapacus program is built upon a unique adult-learning model designed to help each participant own the course material in a way that will ensure lasting change.

 Let me help you through this Journey , in a way that is enjoyable and fun, and take a Hapacus course with me.   Learn how to live your life happy!  Like me, you may just discover that a new passion will be discovered and you’ll want to become a Hapacus Advocate and spread more Happiness one person at a time!

New courses, new website, and new workbooks are now being developed to be released in September, 2014.  

If you’d like to read a FREE Introduction to “The Happiness Journey”, just sign in on the sidebar on the right and a FREE Introduction will be downloaded to you!  As soon as my New Courses go LIVE, I’ll be sending out an announcement.  Good things and a happier you are right around the corner!

29 thoughts on “Take the Happiness Journey!

  1. Hey, Nina,

    That is something about your last name is Knox. It is my maiden name, Knox, too! Yes, you have my permission for me to join your program. You looked so beautiful and so radiant. I am looking forward to taking new courses to learn!!!

    Happy New Year!


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